Alaska State Parks: South Central Region

Alaska is well known for its stunning natural beauty and boasts eight National Parks across the state. In addition to these national parks and preserves, Alaska has an abundance of State Parks scattered across the state as well. Now, I understand that 'State Park' might not have the same ring as 'National Park'. You don't want to overlook these state parks during your next trip. Being as big as it is, [...]

Spring Migration Patterns

Like all places, spring is a transition time and Alaska is no different. Many know Alaska to be the 'land of the midnight sun', however summer is not the only time of year The Last Frontier shines! As the short, cold winter days fade away Alaska starts to come alive in the spring. Believe it or not, by early March most of the state has close to 11 hours of [...]

Exploring the Seward Highway

Alaska is made up of millions of acres set for public use. And there is no shortage of ethereal and connective experiences out here. However, many locations can be very remote and require an extensive plan for transportation just to reach them. There are some road stretches in Alaska that can offer this amazing experience, without the logistical hassle. All from traveling down a well established highway. One of our [...]

An Ice Truck Saga

A History: The MICA Mocha Ice Truck Winding through the Matanuska Valley, it isn't long before you reach mile marker 101. Beyond the reflective sign, fireweed creeps over the black hood of an old Ford ice truck. The sign fastened to the front of the truck reads "MICA Mocha", telling of an ice cream and espresso shop within. As you walk around the truck, adjacent to the MICA Guides base [...]

Unique Places to Stay

Unique Places to Stay in Alaska Alaskan residents have an incredible relationship with the land around them. Many who stay in Alaska live off-grid, without traditional amenities like power or water. While you may not want to rough it completely, there are many unique lodging options available to give you a taste of that authentic Alaskan experience. Mountains and Valleys Book Luxury Camping [...]

What to Pack for Your Trip to Alaska

What to Pack for Alaska While it is likely one of the most beautiful places on earth, Alaska is also one of the wildest. You need to be able to plan for the unpredictable. This may make packing a little more complicated than you’re used to. This guide will help you figure out just what you need to pack for your trip to Alaska. Clothing   Sunglasses and rain resistant [...]

Removing Bus 142

Removal of the ‘Into the Wild’ Bus 142 Moving Living History Midway through June, the Alaska Army National Guard airlifted Bus 142 from the Alaskan wilderness to an undisclosed location. The 'Into the Wild' bus, made famous by the book and movie “Into the Wild”. The bus memorializes the life of Christopher McCandless. This historic item was originally placed in the forest to house employees building a pioneer access road. In [...]

Being Bear Aware

Being Bear Aware Alaska is home to a majority of the United States bear population. This population is made up of four different species and a variety of subspecies. The most notable are the brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, and polar bear. These species are differentiated by adaptations and environment. No matter the terrain, or species you may encounter, being bear aware is of top priority for the safety of [...]

Alaska Day Hike Preparation

Alaska Day Hikes: What You Need to Know Hiking in Alaska often means finding snow in the early summer. Make sure to wear the proper footwear and consider gaiters for hikes that may have deeper snow on the trail. Day hikes are a classic adventure here in Alaska. Weekend and longer trips can be intimidating and are usually large time commitments. Getting outside for the day is something anyone [...]

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