Alaska Kayaking Adventures

double sea kayaks in Alaska

A guided tour paddles along cliffsides on their multi-day trip

Picture yourself on the sea, gliding across the water, the sound of water lapping your kayak, sea otters playing in the distance. If this sounds like a perfect day to you, then an Alaskan kayaking adventure is the activity for you.

Sea kayaking is one of those activities that really is available to everybody. Coming to Alaska for a couple days? Great. Staying a month? Awesome. Only visiting for a day because you’re on a cruise ship? That’s fine too. There are several different types of guided trips available. A typical trip takes about a half-day. For a more experienced paddler, there are full day trips with a stop for lunch. Or, for the more adventurous traveler, trips that can last a few days with overnight stays or camping.

You’ll start with a quick intro from an experienced guide. You’ll learn proper paddling techniques to ensure you have a safe and successful trip. And, need a little arm strength, which can be shared if you use a double kayak.

A Private Getaway

Another great perk of kayaking is the ability to escape the crowds. Day cruises are another popular option for exploring the water. But, on these boats you are usually sharing the experience with about a hundred people. In a kayak, you’ll spend the day in serene surroundings, in a very small groups from around 2-6 people.

With such small groups, and quiet surroundings, kayak trips are perfect for the animal lovers out there as well. Without the sound of a boat engine, you can glide through the waters and encounter some amazing marine life up close; sea lions, otters, puffins, seals, and maybe even whales! No matter what your motivations are, we hope your Alaska kayaking adventure is a successful one!

Kayaking Expedition Professionals

Exposure Alaska

Exposure Alaska has been putting Kayaks in the Prince William Sound for over 20 years.  They offer 3 day and week long kayaking expeditions, including primitive camping and glaciers.

Alaska Kayaking Expeditions