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Ali Lukitsch currently lives in the lower wetland regions of Michigan doing field studies and field sketches of biodiversity throughout rural and city ecosystems. She currently observes and reports on the interconnectedness and parallel shifts that we see in communities and how they correlate with our surrounding environments. In her spare time, she offers community support with skills based in harm reduction and continues to hone her skills in communications, navigations, and human resources for adaptive needs.

Owls in Alaska

Owls in Alaska Alaska is abundant with food sources and untouched wilderness areas for many apex predators. And even with consideration to large birds of prey like the eagle and hawk, owls are some of the most skilled hunters to navigate these wilds. Because of their elusive nature, it takes a focused and patient observer to learn more about them. Some of us have experienced the reaction we feel [...]

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Native Flora and Fauna of Alaska

Indigenous Flora and Fauna of Alaska In Alaska, there is an abundance of flora and fauna. And there are a handful of reasons for that; this region is a major migration point for many species to find ample supply of food source, negate predators or inhospitable conditions, give birth, and to raise their young. Some species visit for a short amount of time, others migrate to [...]

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Volcanoes and Glaciers of Alaska

Elemental Opposites Alaska is home to not only the most glaciers in the Northern continent, it is also known for it's density of volcanoes. There are 54 that are considered 'active', meaning they have erupted within the last 300 years. With non-active (dormant) volcanoes, there are over 130 in Alaska. Some of them are even active today and many of these volcanoes have been etched by glacier moving across [...]

The Birdwatching Boom

Alaska is referred to by many names and titles. Originally translated from the Aleut word “aleyska,” meaning “great land.” Others have referred to it as a land of abundance, "The Last Frontier", or the "North to the Future". This bountiful and majestic land has histories of unsettled wild, famous trading routes and mapping, and echoes of the iconic Gold Rush. The experiences and life that cycle in Alaska offers a [...]

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The Magnetism of Whales and the Northern Lights

Once August comes around in Alaska folks start to notice that the nights become increasing longer and welcome back the sights and awe of the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights shine during all the seasons, and due to the long summertime hours and midnight sun, you can best observe them from August till April in Alaska. These lights put on magnificent displays of greens, pinks, violets, and whites that dance [...]

The Alaska State Fair: A History

History of Alaska State Fair The Alaska State Fair is one of the most popular celebrations in Alaska. This event encompasses a week and a half long festivity known for it's amazing panoramic views of the Chugach Mountains and unique displays. Hundreds of vendors come in from all over the country and many farmers and ranchers centralize for a variety of competitions. The fair is famous for their giant vegetable judging, [...]

Summer Solstice in Alaska

Midsummer in Alaska Summer solstice is the longest day of the year. To clarify, there are still 24 hours in the day, just the most daylight hours we receive on any given day in the year. And in Alaska, those daylight hours turn into what is known as the midnight sun. Where the sun shines well into the hours of the "night". So what is it like to celebrate the [...]

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Spring: The Season of the Moose

Moose of Alaska Spring signals its arrival in Alaska quickly and abruptly in the most beautiful ways. Bright greens of new growth seem to appear across the valleys and mountains overnight. These signs of new life signal wildlife and other plants to begin their spring rhythms. Moose are one of the first to start their grazing migrations as the first new growth on trees and bushes are one of [...]

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Elopement in Alaska

When it comes to getting married, it isn't always as simple and sweet as we would hope for. With all the planning, scheduling, organizing, keeping face for the family differences, and over these past couple years, countless cancellations and rescheduling, getting married has become a bit more daunting than usual. And while all that is very true and real, it seems a new life has sprung out of this chaos. [...]

Exploring the Seward Highway

Alaska is made up of millions of acres set for public use. And there is no shortage of ethereal and connective experiences out here. However, many locations can be very remote and require an extensive plan for transportation just to reach them. There are some road stretches in Alaska that can offer this amazing experience, without the logistical hassle. All from traveling down a well established highway. One of our [...]

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