Helicopter Tour and Glacier Hike

Exploring a glacier can be a once in a lifetime experience. Or, it may be something that enthralls you and continues to call you back to explore time and time again. Long time ice enthusiasts and new comers alike will save energy and gain some epic views from the helicopter seat on this helicopter and glacier tour.

Matanuska Glacier Helicopter tours provide both scenic and direct flight choices

These helicopter tours come with a variety of customizations; length of flight, how many people you would like in your group, and how much you want to explore the area from the sky. Additionally, this makes for a stellar photos and a view into the adventures you might find on the ice.

Taking a helicopter tour with Matanuska Glacier Helicopters saves you a ton of energy of walking miles back to remote areas that are rarely traveled. This flight showcases spectacular views of the glacier and takes you directly to the best spots known on the glacier. Simultaneously, you will have a much more private experience.

The glacier hike will get you in the groove with your crampons and exploring in no time. With professional guides from MICA Guides you are sure to find breathtaking views and enjoy awe-inspiring moments with your group. You can customize your hiking from a glacier hike to something a little more exciting like an advanced trek.

Helicopter Tour and Glacier Hike Customizations:

  • Length of helicopter tour
  • Amount of people in your group
  • Glacier adventure options
  • Direct flight options
  • Multiple location stops

Be able to get away from the crowds, experience new facets of a glacier, and swim in the blue hues of towering ice walls. So fill your day to the brim with a helicopter and glacier tour. Make the most of your glacier time.

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