Trekking Matanuska Glacier


Matanuska Glacier Hike

Planning on visiting some of Alaska’s glaciers? One of your best options is going to be the Matanuska Glacier for a variety of reasons. This valley glacier is West of Anchorage, down the Glenn Highway, and through the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. This glacier provides easy road access and most importantly, professionally guided Matanuska glacier hikes. These guided hikes are an excellent opportunity to explore a glacier, learn about the natural history of the valley, and ask all the questions you might have.

Local Outfitters

This glacier hike is provided by local outfitters, MICA Guides. They have over 20 years of consistent glacier experience and skills to confidently help you navigate this terrain. These professional guides will gear you up, teach you how to use it, and show you some of the best features on the front of this 27-mile long glacier.

people looking at ice overhang on Matanuska Glacier

These folks enjoy some photography while observing some ice features on their tour

Have fun, and learn a little about glaciology, all while being led to some of the most breathtaking ice features. You can book a full-day experience or go with a half-day tour if you have other experiences to get to on your itinerary. The half-day offers about three hours on the ice and four hours total with gearing up and transportation.

This trip is a great way to see some of the most spectacular and accessible features on the glacier and have the space to practice your photographic skills. The Matanuska Glacier is constantly in a changing state. Whether it is winter or summer, the consistency of change on the glacier offers a living and moving art piece to navigate and explore. This is your chance to have a hands-on and immersive experience on an Alaskan glacier!

Matanuska Glacier Hike with MICA Guides Includes:

  • Gear for trip (crampons and helmets)
  • Professionally guided trip onto Matanuska Glacier (3 hours of ice time)
  • Information on glaciology, geology, and  natural history of the area
  • Instruction on proper crampon walking techniques
  • Professional glacier navigation accessible and spectacular features on the front of the glacier

Looking to customize and organize a Matanuska Glacier Hike? Contact Us or reach us by phone at (907) 302-6059.

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