Alaska Heliskiing

snow covered mountains

The snow covered backcountry of Alaska, Photo By David Crane

Any avid skier would love a ski trip in Alaska. Hitting the slopes at a resort and taking in that fresh mountain air, with powder like snow surrounding you. Why not take your skiing trip to the next level with an Alaska heliskiing adventure?

While not recommended for complete beginners, Alaska heliskiing is something that everyone from intermediate powder skiers, all the way up to complete experts would enjoy. So why not make your trip the stuff of legends?

There are different options when it comes to Alaska heliskiing. You can either do a day trip, where you are taken out and dropped at a location, or you can do a package deal. With packages you can ski for days and really get a full experience. Some companies fly you out to a tent camping style area in the mountains with a stove, food, and everything needed for you to be comfortable. Then you can spend your day basically skiing at your “front door.” Or, for a more luxurious experience, spring for one that offers a lodge stay and fine dining.

skier Alaska mountains

A skier drops into the backcountry of Alaska, Photo By David Crane

Getting Out There

No matter how you choose to do it, I think everyone can agree that Alaska heliskiing definitely steps up the ski game. You can get to parts of the Alaskan backcountry that you wouldn’t normally be able to access. Drop into bowls that overlook the Pacific Ocean and shoreline. Soar through acres of Sitka spruce and hemlock, and glide over untouched snow. The best part? You’ll never have to ski the same line more than once. Each line is a new and exciting experience.

So, if you are planning a skiing trip in Alaska, you should definitely consider taking it up a notch. An Alaskan heliskiing trip would turn your vacation into a memory that will last for a lifetime.