Helicopter Explorer

white ice and moraine

Exploring the Matanuska Glacier and getting away from the crowds can take some local knowledge. That’s why local companies MICA Guides and Matanuska Glacier Helicopters have partnered to help you save time and energy with the helicopter explorer trip. This trip combines MICA Guides advanced trek and a direct helicopter flight so as to offer more accessibility and stunning views of the Matanuska Glacier.

This adventure starts with you getting geared up at the MICA Guides base. Simultaneously, a helicopter waits nearby on a launch pad for you to be escorted to your passenger seat. Use your flight time to enjoy the sights, take some pictures of the majesty, or relax knowing you are cutting off miles of scrambling over moraine in crampons.

Shortly, you will find yourself landing on the glacier ice. You can expect to be on the white ice for about 3 hours. Use this time exploring crevasses and moulins with your professional guides, by ropes and ice tools. Your guides will show you how to use your gear, techniques, and safety for your glacier experience. Up to five people can be in a group and an age restriction of 12 years and older is necessary for this experience.

Explore the features of the Matanuska Glacier and enjoy the quickness of a direct flight. Rather than taking time and energy away from exploring, invest in more adventures in remote glacial areas. Heighten your Alaska experience with this helicopter explorer.

Helicopter Explorer Includes:

  • Helicopter scenic flight add-on option
  • Direct flight to remote areas of glacier
  • Gear and professional glacier guides
  • 3 hours exploring the Matanuska Glacier
  • Customize group size up to five people

Trips are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. It is unlikely but possible. Your safety is our top priority! Should we cancel your trip, you will get a full refund. Please look at this cancellation policy to learn more. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at (907) 302-6059 or visit our Contact Us page.

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