Explore the Matanuska Valley

As you drive into the Matanuska Valley from the Old Glenn Highway a movie of epic Alaskan scenery passes by with each turn of the road. Simultaneously, while taking in the astounding views, you will find yourself needing to get out and explore. A Matanuska Getaway is just the escape into the wilderness and the adventure you are looking for.

Alaskan snow covered mountains

The Matanuska Glacier spills out from the peaks of the Chugach Mountains.

Getaway to the Matanuska

Situated right in Glacier View, adjacent to the Matanuska Glacier, waits an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime. This experience is perfect for the family and diverse groups with different ability levels that quickly gets you away from the bustle of Anchorage. With professional guides at Exposure Alaska, you will start your adventure right from Anchorage. Guides will come and pick you up on the first day in Anchorage at your stay or straight from the airport.

Start your Adventure

Once your bags are loaded the excitement starts. These guides know the best hikes around with the most excellent views. Be ready to stretch your legs at some of the more exclusive trails on this first day. After getting your first takes on the surrounding natural beauties you will be ready to relax. Just down the road, your luxury accommodations at Alpenglow Luxury Camping wait with a hand prepared, gourmet dinner. After dinner, finish your night with a dip in the cedar wood hot tub, overlooking the Matanuska Glacier and retire to your private canvas style forest tent for the night.

ATV and UTV outdoor tours

Guided ATV and UTV tours bring you to hallmark views with speed.

The next morning starts bright and early enjoying hot coffee from the private porch of your tent. Dress for adventure as you’ll soon be off to a half day tour of the surrounding area by ATV. After getting down and dirty on the local trails you will be ready to rinse off all that mud. There is no better way to get washed off then with a wild adventure down the whitewater of the Matanuska River with professional guides. Splashing and laughing in the waves will require some drying off too. Welcome a real air drying with one of the biggest and fastest ziplines in all of Alaska. Each of these excursions guarantees an up close and personal experience with the wilds of Southeast Alaska.

Your final day with your guides brings you right onto the ice of the nearby Matanuska Glacier. This is after another restful and restoring night at Alpenglow. The day starts at MICA Guides base. From there you’ll get all the gear you will need for an Advanced Trek on the Matanuska Glacier. This trip takes you to the harder reach, pristine views of the glacier. Guides will bring you to the best picture locations and help you look into crevasses and moulins with rope assistance. This provides more sights and adventure than a trek on the glacier but a little less intensity than an ice climb.

Matanuska Getaway Includes:

  • Transportation to and from Anchorage
  • Professional guides
  • ATV and UTV tour
  • Hiking trip
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Advanced trek on the Matanuska Glacier

There are many different options to customize and add on to this trip. Check them out here. Reach us at (907) 351-7587 or on our Contact Us page with any questions you may have.




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