Alaska State Parks: South Central Region

Alaska is well known for its stunning natural beauty and boasts eight National Parks across the state. In addition to these national parks and preserves, Alaska has an abundance of State Parks scattered across the state as well. Now, I understand that 'State Park' might not have the same ring as 'National Park'. You don't want to overlook these state parks during your next trip. Being as big as it is, [...]

Exploring the Seward Highway

Alaska is made up of millions of acres set for public use. And there is no shortage of ethereal and connective experiences out here. However, many locations can be very remote and require an extensive plan for transportation just to reach them. There are some road stretches in Alaska that can offer this amazing experience, without the logistical hassle. All from traveling down a well established highway. One of our [...]

Surfing in Alaska

Surfing in Alaska When many think of surfing they picture sandy beaches, a crystal clear ocean, and beautiful sunny weather. However, many of the places with the best surf are actually very different from these stereotypical beaches. Surprisingly, there is a lot of surf to be enjoyed in Alaska. And, the best part is, you can usually get it all to yourself. Whether it's a day trip to the beach, a [...]


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