Alaska Helicopter Hiking

You can’t beat the helicopter views of Alaska. Feeling weightless above the ground below. But, sometimes just “looking” isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to step foot onto the ground and experience the terrain for yourself. Booking an Alaskan helicopter hiking tour is a great option for you!

The biggest decision you have to make is where you’d like to land. Is your perfect place in the wilderness? Lift off from a city and gorgeous scenic ride later, find yourself surrounded by mountains. Land and start your journey into the pristine alpine meadow high above the timberline. An area not accessible by any trail, but there you are. It’s a hiker’s paradise. Have your camera ready, because everywhere you look is a postcard-ready view.

person hiking into glacier cave

A person explores inside the blue ice on the Matanuska Glacier

From Land to Ice

If the tundra isn’t the spot for you, head off to the ice! Enjoy your scenic flight out to one of Alaska’s glaciers. Most of which can only be accessed by helicopter. Once on the ice, your guides will give you your gear (usually consisting of helmets and crampons), the helicopter will leave, and you’ll be left to explore for a few hours. Follow your guide and you’ll discover what makes glacier ice so unique. Crevasses, caves, tubes, surface rivers, and of course that coveted beautiful blue ice.

Most Alaska helicopter hiking tours also include a meal during the hiking portion of your trip. A lunch amongst the Alaskan wilderness can give you views far better than any four-star restaurant. And your guides will be a vital part of your trip. Not only are they knowledgeable on important safety elements like proper gear usage, but they also know tons about the stunning features surrounding you. So, as long as you are ready for an adventure, you’re sure to have an experience of a lifetime.