Summers in Alaska

Summer in Alaska, although a short season by lower-48 standards, has the benefit of very long days. Over 19 hours of daylight in the Anchorage area allows you to explore this beautiful wild land without the day ending “too soon”. This seasonal occurrence often refers to this unique solar experience as the “midnight sun”. In Fairbanks, on the solstice, the sun doesn’t set until 12:47 am.

Consider your Options

people sitting down snowy mountains tent

Three friends enjoy preparing some warm drinks in the backcountry of Alaska

These lengthy days provide the perfect opportunity to explore more. The outdoor activities here are diverse, and there is something for every interest. You can choose to explore in the daylight, or extend your adventure for an overnight or two. There are plenty of recreational activities that you can do on your own.

Many trails in the area are set up for hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, wildlife viewing, glacier gazing, and horseback riding. These are among your to-do list when you spend your Summer in Alaska. If you choose to go off on your own, pay attention to wildlife warnings. As you enter their world, respect the wildlife and their space. A few basic precautions go a long way in protecting both you and the creatures that call the great outdoors home.

ice people with helmets on mountains

Three guests explore the Matanuska Glacier with a guide

Maximamize your Time

For those who want to maximize their time, consider professional guides. Allow them to show you the world usually inaccessible to the casual vacationer. Many activities are available for every level of interest.

They can take you trekking into the wilds in a variety of ways; explore the back country, climbing through ice caves, hike on glaciers, or view it all from the air by helicopter or plane. There are rivers to explore by raft, canoe, or kayak. Heading to the open water will lead you to spectacular glaciers and icebergs. Guided tours are the way to go for getting a proven positive experience with the time you have available.

Explore Alaska

Summers in Alaska provides you with a unique time of almost continuous daylight. This means the plants get exceptionally big, and quickly. Where one trail might be clear of growth at the beginning of summer, later may become unrecognizable. Familiarize yourself with each area you set out to explore and make sure you have the right gear for the adventure you are choosing. There are millions of acres and thousands of micro ecosystems available to explore in the 49th state. It’s time to get out there and make an Alaskan memory.