Alaska Skiing Trips

It’s no secret that Alaska is a bit colder and darker in the winter than it is during the summer. But, the winter in Alaska provides a variety of experience. Winter sports are a large part of that, that includes the different ways to enjoy skiing. There are certain Alaska resorts that do most of their business during the winter season, ski resorts being one of them. So, go ahead and get started planning your next Alaska skiing trip.

Resort Skiing

skiing chairlifts powder

Resorts provide the most up and downs to terrain with chairlift systems

Any ski resort is going to enhance your adventure with an epic backdrop and make the most of your time on the terrain with the convenience of chairlifts. Additionally, Alaska has enough powder to keep you on the slopes all day long. If you aren’t an avid skier and don’t have your own gear, renting gear is a very important first step.

Resorts typically offer rentals and give you the ability to make reservations before hand. Your boots are the most important piece of your skiing system. They are the key to a long, happy, successful day on the mountain. So, use a boot-fitter to select your perfect pair and be sure to listen to the experts for the rest of your gear as well. You’ll need to be comfortable to have some longer lived skiing successes on the slopes.

Nordic Skiing

One of the best things about skiing in Alaska, is the range and variety of the ski areas. There is something for everyone. From beginners to experts. All different sorts of terrain including bowls, glades, and pitches. Some resort runs provide long, extended runs while others are more short and mild for those just starting out. While alpine and backcountry skiing have become prevalent to ski culture, Nordic skiing thrives throughout the state and community center around the winter activity. Many lodges provide expansive trail systems for those looking to enjoy the Northern Lights and some cross country miles by ski.

skier sun snow

A skier makes his way into the backcountry of Alaska

Backcountry Skiing

If a resort isn’t the key for you, what about getting onto a snow-cat traveling into the backcountry. Or, perhaps you’d rather hop into a helicopter and drop onto a mountain where the powder is untouched and then views are incredible with an expert guide.

Then, at the end of the day, you can retire to a lodge, relax by a fire, and relive your glorious day. Some may even fantasize about the risky adventures of traveling over glaciers by ski. However you want to spend it, an Alaskan skiing trip is a winter must-do.