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The Matanuska Valley is filled with grandeur and hallmarks of Alaska, such as the Matanuska Glacier and the Chugach Mountains. From the highway you can see the braiding river of the Matanuska River, greyed by the glacial silt. Wildlife wanders underneath the coniferous forest and can be spotted if you are attentive. Catching these views from the highway is nice but experiencing them on an Alaska zipline tour will give you the best view around.

This adventure is offered by Glacier View Adventures where you can experience two different ziplines that soar right past the glacier, mountains, and all the natural beauty in between. This zipline adventure tour starts in the small town of Glacier View. You will get equipped with harness and helmet, meet your guides, and then it is off to your zipline adventure.

Mountains and glaciers

The G2 zipline zips you across the sprawling landscapes of the Matanuska Valley

The first zipline is the Nitro. This line operates from 150 ft. above the river on a 30 ft. high platform. You can often spot moose and their calves on the scenic walk over and maybe grab a wild berry or two. Once you take your first steps from the platform you can find yourself soaring across at 30 to 40 mph! This is just the first dose of thrill in the hour and a half tour.

The next line is a dual line, earning the name the G2. This zipline allows for two participants to sail over a 250 ft. cliff at up to 60 miles per hour! This last zip showcases an optimal view of the valley and its spectacular views and gears you up for a launch that is 2,200 ft. long! Both ziplines require a minimum age of 8 with minimum weights of 60 lbs. and maximums of 235 lbs.

Zipline Tours Includes:

  • Option to do both ziplines on the Alaska Zipline Tour or just the Nitro
  • Gear, professional guides, instruction
  • Spectacular views of Matanuska Valley and glacier
  • Opportunity for wildlife sightings
  • 1.5 hrs. of high flying fun

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