Advanced Matanuska Glacier Trekking

Hiking on a glacier is at the top of many lists for Alaska visitors. But perhaps you want just a little more. Maybe you would like to take things to the next level. You can do just that with an advanced Matanuska Glacier trekking tour!

Matanuska Trekking

A group heads out with MICA Guides into the backcountry of the Matanuska Glacier

This advanced trekking trip is planned to take you farther on the glacier than any normal glacier hike would. Spend some real time on the ice instead of just visiting Matanuska Glacier on your own, or doing a shorter guided tour. Whisk away from the crowds and witness the more technical features of the glacier. Explore bottomless crevasses up close and adventure into ice caves. All things you wouldn’t be able to do on a shorter trek.

Fun for the Family

There is no experience glacier trekking needed on this tour. Although, you should be able to walk at a steady pace and navigate over uneven terrain. You’ll spend around 5 ½ hours on the glacier itself. You won’t be doing any actual ice climbing, although you may end up gearing up into ropes to ascend small ice walls. Another perk of doing the advanced trek is smaller group sizes, a one guide to four trekkers ratio. So, you’ll receive a more personalized tour as well.

Matanuska Trekking Tour

A guide double checks an anchor set to safely look into a crevasse on the Matanuska Glacier

Getting to the Glacier

Like all other tours on Matanuska Glacier, you’ll have to pay the $25 Glacier Park Access Fee. All visitors to the glacier are required to pay this fee, whether visiting on their own or with a guided tour. The advanced trek has a minimum age limit as well. Usually around 12 years old due to the duration and brisk pace of the tour.

So, whether you do a short hike, or a full advanced Matanuska Glacier trekking tour, we hope your day of adventure is one you’ll remember forever. Looking for something a little more? Check out the Helicopter Explorer Tour!