Alaska State Parks

On the western part of Alaska, the Kenai Fjord National Park has the unique Harding Ice Field which is a one mile thick block of ice, 700 square miles in area that feeds about 30 glaciers.

There are over 120 State Parks in Alaska, spanning over 3 million acres, which is the largest state park network in the United States.

Denali State Park is adjacent to the much larger national park, and offers a couple of wilderness trails that give the hiker unparalleled viewing of the Alaska Range.

Chugach State Park is located just east of Anchorage, and encompasses a half million acres of the Chugach Forest. It was originally designated to protect the water supply for Anchorage. Eklutna Lake is the end of the line for the melt from the Eklutna Glacier. Hiking trails and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities exist close to Anchorage.

Kachemak Bay State Park was the first designated state park in the Alaska system. It is the only wilderness park in the system. There is no road to or in the park, and you must get there by float plane or boat. The park is located in theĀ  Cook Inlet on the Southwest side of the Kenai Peninsula. Viewing opportunities are good for bird watching, and the nutritionally rich water attracts whales, and other seaside mammals are plentiful. There are a couple crude campgrounds available for those who crave the wilderness camping experience.