Matanuska Glacier Hiking

Matanuska Glacier Ice Fall

Below the Matanuska Glacier’s giant ice fall

Ever wanted to try to walk on water? With a Matanuska glacier hiking tour, you can do just that! Strap on some crampons and explore for miles. The glacier has tons to offer for any adventurer!

At approximately 26 miles long and 4 miles wide at its terminus, the glacier is a must see. The weather is better on top the glacier than in surrounding areas as well. As cold air pushes up from the ice, it forces the warm air toward the mountain peaks, creating beautiful sunny skies.

A Valley Glacier

Matanuska Glacier is one of the few glaciers in Alaska that is easily accessible, and you are able explore alone on foot. That being said, a glacier trek with a guide is the best way to truly explore the glacier and get the most of your experience. Guides have all the experience and know how. Plus, they have the inside scoop on the how to get to the best features and views of the icefall.

Glacier Hiking Crampns

A woman adjusts her crampons as she gets ready for her trekk on the Matanuska Glacier

The best part of trekking Matanuska glacier is that there is no experience necessary. You only need to be able to walk for about three hours and be 8 years or older. A helmet and crampons will be provided to you by your trekking company.

Next, you’ll be given instruction on how to properly walk atop ice using the crampons. You’ll also have to pay a $25 Glacier Park Access Fee no matter how you enter the park, whether alone or with a guide. Most trekking companies do not include this in their tour prices, and you will need to pay this separately.

So, grab your camera and sense of adventure as you set out to discover hidden treasures on your Matanuska glacier hiking tour. The world of walking on glaciers awaits you!

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