Alaska Glacier Camping

The Matanuska Glacier sits in a valley just down the Glenn Highway, only a couple hours drive from Anchorage. Many explore the wonders of this valley glacier by crampon and rope systems, typically during the day. That is, unless you choose to embark on a luxury Alaska glacier camping experience. This adventure is a collaboration from local businesses; MICA Guides, Alpenglow Luxury Camping, and Matanuska Glacier Helicopters.

The Flight

The experience starts with a scenic helicopter tour with Matanuska Glacier Helicopters. They will take you into the remote areas of the Matanuska Glacier. These locations are far from the crowds at the toe of the glacier. Once you have taken in some of the most breath taking attributes from the sky, you will land to meet your team of professional ice guides. They are there to help you settle in and start exploring with their years of expertise and experience.

The Experience

Revel in the privacy of your own personal Alaska glacier camping experience. Once there, you can learn to ice climb, explore giant crevasses, and take in the natural art and intricacies of glacial ice. Your evenings will wind down with a warm fire and glacial cocktail. Simultaneously, a delicious and warm dinner is prepared to be enjoyed, all atop the glacier ice. Mica Guides


This trip has the ability to be customized, from the activities you want to include in your experience, to the type of luxury tent and bedding options. Additionally, you can extend or change your helicopter tour options to have more sky time. This can give you the ability to explore more remote areas of the glacier and see into the depths of the valley.

After a goodnights rest in your warm and soft accommodations, the sunrise, and your guides will meet you with fresh hot coffee. Enjoy the serenity of the glacier with a hearty breakfast. Next, you’ll be ready to hop into the helicopter to explore the glacier once more with your guides. If you are looking to make the absolute most of your adventure on the Matanuska Glacier, this is the package for you.

Glacier Overnight Adventure Customizations Include:

  • Luxury camping options
  • Helicopter travel and tour options
  • Adventure add-ons
  • Professional ice guides
  • Prepared food, beverages, and hospitalities


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