Maximum Exposure Adventure

Exploration and adventure in Alaska seem to never end. Once you arrive it is as if there is something new to explore around every turn. From the towering mountains to the lush ocean sides you may be wondering how you are going to be able to explore it all in the time that you have? A maximum exposure experience may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Four Days, Infinite Adventure

This four day trip connects you with the sea, the mountains, rivers, and glaciers of Alaska. This tour is operated by a local outfitter, Exposure Alaska. The company had been operating for over 20 years, cultivating authentic experiences in the wilds of Alaska for their guests. With their professional guides you are sure to find some hidden gems.

Prince William Sound

Ice bergs float along through the ocean bays

To make the most of your trip, these guides come to you. On the first day of this maximum exposure adventure your guides meet you right in Anchorage. After shuffling bags and getting situated for a ride along the scenic Turnagain Arm you will soon find yourself in the small port town of Whittier. This is the launch point for a day paddle through the Prince William Sound. Take in ample wildlife sightings and enjoy the lush surrounding ecosystem and maybe even spot a whale!

The first day doesn’t end there. You will finish the day exploring the historic gold mining town of Hope and resting into a private cabin for the evening. Day two takes you over to the raging waters of Six Mile Creek. Here you will take your whitewater rafting experience to the next level through class IV and V rapids! This paddle gives you a serious adrenaline rush and stellar views of carved out canyons.

After a day in brisk glacial water you will be ready for the warmth and comforts that Alpenglow Luxury Camping has to offer you. Enjoy a homemade meal with scenic views in the Matanuska Valley. After a well deserved meal a private canvas forest tent awaits you. That is, after you soak in the cedar wood hot tub.

Exclusive Stays

ice climbers on ice

A guide manages the ropes for an ice climber on the Matanuska Glacier

The third day starts just a couple minutes away with a VIP welcome to the MICA Guides base. Gear up and get ready to find your passenger seat on a helicopter ride to the Matanuska Glacier. Professional guides will show you the best kept secrets on the glacier with an ice climbing adventure!

After a full day of your own explorations, your guides will have a base camp set up, on the glacier. This exclusive camping experience is one of a kind. A gourmet dinner ready and served around a fire on the ice makes taking in the stars or midnight sun that much better. You will spend the night on the glacier in a private tent.

The morning begins bright and early with fresh coffee and a hearty breakfast. Explore a bit more and then it is back to the base in Glacier View with another set of stellar views in the helicopter. From there you will enjoy one of the best meals around at the famous Sheep Mountain Lodge before heading back to Anchorage.

A maximum exposure adventure means making the most of your time in Alaska. Contact Us to see how you can customize your experience or collaborate on ideas. This trip is offered as a custom, semi-private adventure.

Maximum Exposure Tour Includes:

  • Pick up/drop off in Anchorage
  • One day of sea kayaking
  • Exploring a historic gold mining town
  • Luxury stays
  • Gourmet meals
  • Glacier overnight stay
  • Helicopter tour
  • Whitewater adventure
  • Guided ice climbing

Please feel free to reach us by phone at (907) 302-6059 or on our Contact Us page with any questions or concerns.

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