Alaska Plane Flightseeing

Seeing Alaska from a bird’s-eye view, is a humbling experience. Soaring high above breathtaking landscapes, miles away from any city, and watching the world pass below. It’s an experience everyone should see, but not all are so lucky. If you want to make a memory that will last a lifetime, take an Alaskan plane flightseeing tour.

plane wing snowy mountains

A Talkeetna Air Taxi plane at rest before a tour into Denali National Park

Experience Rarities

With the sparsity of roadways, flying is a way of life in Alaska. Air taxis are more popular than ground transportation. Land that has never been touched by a person is more common than a bustling city. Most of Alaska is remote and can’t be accessed by road or even water. That’s where the popularity of air travel comes in handy.

A flightseeing tour is the best way to see as much of Alaska as possible. Picture yourself in a small plane, climbing over mountains that, at first, seem tiny. But then, they grow into enormous cascading ranges, sloping into the vast wilderness below. You could visit the tallest mountain in the U.S., soar over an expansive glacier, or even discover a bear wandering in its natural habitat.

Connecting Opportunities

There are tours where you can opt to land as well! Fly over a national park and then land on a glacier! Or, take it to the next step and map out your entire day. Land in the wilderness where you’re going hiking, rafting, skiing…the possibilities are endless. Organize a guide to come with you and be picked up in a totally different location. Your flight home will be full of new views as well.

What about a float plane? Have you ever landed on a body of water? Take a trip with overnight camping and fish to your hearts content. With these incredible options, how could an Alaskan plane flightseeing trip not be on your list?