Alaska Helicopter Ice Climbing Trips

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A helicopter drops guests off far back on the glacier

You’ve decided you’re taking a helicopter tour, but just a scenic flight isn’t enough for you. You know you want to land, hike, and explore a glacier. But, imagine for a moment, that you could have more! This is for the true seeker of adventure, roll three amazing activities into one on an Alaskan helicopter ice climbing trip.

Start your day by taking a helicopter trip out to the glacier. Watch as the Alaskan landscape passes beneath you. Enjoy the views that will take your breath away. The day is already a successful adventure. But then, you see the glacier come into view and your helicopter descends to land on it.

Getting on the Ice

There are no words for the feeling you get when your step onto your very first glacier. Slippery could be used to describe it, but once you strap on your crampons, you’re ready to set out and explore. Take in the gorgeous ice all around you as your helicopter leaves you behind and you truly start to feel the enormity of the glacier you’re standing upon.

Now, it’s time to up the ante and prepare to ice climb. Most ice climbing trips are geared more towards the climbing itself than the hiking across the glacier. The helicopter will drop you off within a reasonable distance of your destination so that you can spend as much time actually climbing as possible. You will get to choose your climb as well. Take climbing to the extreme as you climb beside plunging waterfalls. Or, choose a more moderate climb down a moulin into a never experienced environment, your voice echoing off the blue ice surrounding you.

Choosing to go onto an Alaskan helicopter ice climbing trip is one you won’t regret, so get out there and climb!