Alaska Helicopter Scenic Tours

Helicopter Glacier Tour

A helicopter pilot navigates over the Matanuska Glacier

Alaska helicopter scenic tours are a popular way to explore Alaska. They may seem like a big investment, but almost everyone agrees that it’s totally worth it in the end. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that everyone from grandma to the children can enjoy. That’s why booking an Alaskan Helicopter scenic tour is the right choice for everyone!

The last frontier is vast, and much of it unknown. Above in a helicopter, you’ll have the best view you could ask for. From cascading rivers of ice, to lakes surrounded by beautiful foliage, snow topped mountain ranges, to an abundance of wildlife. From the ground, to the clouds, and everything in between. Each piece of Alaska is unique and seeing it from this perspective is even more so.

Aerial of Mat-Su Valley

A bird’s eye view of a valley glacier, the Matanuska

Your pilot will be a plethora of information. So, don’t forget to take the time to chat with them. They most likely know the history of the area, along with fun stories and anecdotes that only get passed through local gossip. Test out their knowledge and ask any question that comes to mind. Plus, they’ve honed their spotting skills. If there’s a moose, bald eagle, or even a bear, you can count on them to find it and point it out to you!

Most flights use helicopters with all window views, giving everyone a clear view of the scenery below. You will also get to choose the length of your flight. Most helicopter companies have more than one scenic flight to choose from. Just keep in mind, the longer the flight, the more ground you’ll cover, and the more things you’ll see. So, no matter the seat you’re sitting in, or the area you decided to fly over, you are guaranteed to have an experience that you’ll never forget.