Alaska Zipline Adventures

Ziplines are becoming more popular all over the world, and Alaska is no exception. Additionally, it’s the perfect mix between being outside, active, and having an amazing adventure. An Alaskan zipline adventure is a great way to add a little exhilaration to your vacation.

Zipping through Alaska

The fact that Alaska has incredible scenery is most likely one of the reasons you’re visiting in the first place. Zipline courses can serve as a perfect way to do something fun and get a new perspective of Alaska. Luckily, ziplines are all situated outside of the towns they’re in so be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife. Depending on where you are, you might spot bald eagles, seals, otters, and maybe even a bear! Simultaneously, it’s a great activity for the entire family. Kids will love it and even your grandparents can go, as it doesn’t require a ton of physical activity.

Choosing your zipline comes down to a few different attributes. First, is your experience level. While many can absolutely complete any zipline, some beginners may prefer to start out small and gradually go bigger. Additionally, you should consider your normal activity level. Typically, most ziplines will start you with an introductory line. The guides will show you proper usage of gear and techniques to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Then, they will be there throughout the entire course to help when needed.

Fill the Thrill Tank

So, you may have chosen to zipline on a search for a fun, thrill-filled day. Or, you are only going because your friends want to, and you are trying to triumph over a fear of heights. Either way, an Alaskan zipline adventure is a perfect addition to any vacation. Guaranteed to fill your day with excitement.

Alaska Ziplining Experiences

Alaska Glaciers

Glacier View Adventures

Glacier View Adventures offers 2 of the best zip lines in Alaska. Overlooking the Matanuska Glacier, these views are unbeatable. The team is safety oriented and friendly.