Alaska Helicopter Adventures

While you explore Alaska, there’s only so much you can see by car or by foot. Take to the skies with an Alaskan Helicopter Adventure. Soar above the Alaskan scenery, miles away from any city or town and experience Alaska from a new perspective.

Alaska is well known for its glaciers. It is estimated that there are 100,000 of them strewn about its land mass, and many of them are inaccessible. Unless you witness them from the air!  Jump on a helicopter and prepare yourself for a spectacular view, and it’s not all just glaciers. Mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, streams, many different species of wildlife. The list is endless. All being seen from above, giving you a view that starkly contrasts what you would see from the ground.

If just seeing all these wonderful things from the air isn’t enough for you, most helicopter companies will land as well! Get out and explore far beyond what the normal tourist experiences. Visiting during the summer is one of the best ways to have many options. You could land somewhere known for bear viewing, see a salmon run, or go into a national park. Atop a glacier you can walk along a crevasse, explore an ice cave, or even visit a melt pond. Endless possibilities for a day dedicated to your sight-seeing hopes and dreams.

You could even add onto your adventure by taking an ice climbing trip. Go from flying high above the glacier, to climbing down the sides of cascading ice. Two life-changing experiences in the same day. What could be better than that?

So, whether you choose to just enjoy the scenery from above, explore a glacier, or descend an ice wall on your Alaskan helicopter adventure, we are sure you will have the trip of a lifetime.