Alaska Whitewater Rafting

Alaska is known for its vast wilderness. Because it’s so big, roads are few and far between. Roads run mainly by established cities, with wide swaths of wilderness in between. What it does have plenty of is water. Traveling by boat is one of the best ways to maneuver this beautiful state. But, it doesn’t always have to be used as a means of travel. These rivers provide scenic byways and in some areas, big whitewater for some high adrenaline fun. That’s why we think an Alaska whitewater rafting tour should be on your list of Alaskan adventures.

Raft Alaska

Rafting is one of the best ways to really experience Alaska’s raw wilderness. Whitewater rafting steps up to excitement and a thrill level you don’t want to miss. Looking for that adventure? Alaska whitewater rafting provides some of the best class 4 and class 5 rapids in the world. Imagine yourself raging over the rapids using calm passages for sightseeing. So get your helmet, strap on that personal flotation device, and get your dry gear on, because it’s time to paddle into what Alaska whitewater is all about.

whitewater rafting in Alaska

Many of Alaska’s rivers are glacier fed

River Ratings

For those unfamiliar with rapid ratings, they are put on a scale of 1-6, regarding level of difficulty. Classes 1-2 are for beginners. These are great for children and adults that are enjoy a relaxing and scenic experience. Class 3 rapids are a great as introduction to fun and playful rapids. Challenging, but not overwhelming, comes with some big splashes. We’d suggest experiencing 3 before trying out Class 4. Difficulty rises a bit, but it’s perfect for those who’d like a bit of a challenge, and who can continuously paddle. Class 5 requires rafting experience and expert swift water swimming skills. This is the most advanced and dangerous water that is navigable by boat. Finally, class 6 rapids are deemed “unrunnable”. This means that no one has yet to successfully complete a set of dangerous rapids without fatality.

The Right Rapids for You

In conclusion, knowing your ability level is the first step in booking your tour. Some tours include a stop for a meal at areas that usually take a hike to get to. You can even do a multi-day tour with overnight camping. These tours can take you through secluded areas that are otherwise not traveled. They come with epic views and careen you through canyons and braided rivers. Be aware that many rivers are glacially fed, so that means chilly water, so many outfitters off dry suits and wetsuits to wear on your trip. No matter which you choose, you won’t soon forget your Alaska whitewater rafting adventure.