Alaskan Rail Systems

The Alaska Railroad Trains had been around for almost a century by the time Alaska got its first railroad in 1903. The Alaskan wilderness has never been easy to navigate, so the founding of the Alaska Railroad helped to connect various parts of Alaska and has grown into a great recreational and commercial transportation option. The history of the Alaska Railroad was full of interesting obstacles. History The [...]

The Alaska State Fair: A History

History of Alaska State Fair The Alaska State Fair is one of the most popular celebrations in Alaska. This event encompasses a week and a half long festivity known for it's amazing panoramic views of the Chugach Mountains and unique displays. Hundreds of vendors come in from all over the country and many farmers and ranchers centralize for a variety of competitions. The fair is famous for their giant vegetable judging, [...]

Your Day on the Ice: Ice Climbing 101

Ice Climbing 101 A MICA Guide manages the rope system while a climber ascends from glacial meltwater below Ice climbing is a wild and unique way to explore the Alaskan wilderness. Before you start there is a lot to learn. Arriving with a good idea of what to expect can help ease your worries and get you prepared for a day of adventure with MICA Guides. Arriving When you [...]

Surfing in Alaska

Surfing in Alaska When many think of surfing they picture sandy beaches, a crystal clear ocean, and beautiful sunny weather. However, many of the places with the best surf are actually very different from these stereotypical beaches. Surprisingly, there is a lot of surf to be enjoyed in Alaska. And, the best part is, you can usually get it all to yourself. Whether it's a day trip to the beach, a [...]


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