Fungi and the Forest Floor

Mushrooms: Cluster of mushrooms on forest floor Not quite a plant, mushrooms belong in their own family: fungus. In fact, mushrooms are more common to animals than they are to plants! Fungi grow all over the world and come and many shapes and sizes. Mushrooms are the result of the spores of a fungi fruiting. They come in all shapes and sizes in all sorts of ecological environments, but [...]

What to Pack for Your Trip to Alaska

What to Pack for Alaska While it is likely one of the most beautiful places on earth, Alaska is also one of the wildest. You need to be able to plan for the unpredictable. This may make packing a little more complicated than you’re used to. This guide will help you figure out just what you need to pack for your trip to Alaska. Clothing   Sunglasses and rain resistant [...]

Alaska Adventure Center

Welcome to Alaska Adventure Center Alaska Adventure Center is pleased to offer the most comprehensive collection of Alaska activities.  We want to find you the perfect set of activities to enjoy, so Contact Us for the best Alaska activity lineup. We want to bring you the best options for your time in Alaska. Your time is valuable, so make sure it is full of adventure! We offer Kayaking, Hiking, Glacier Activities, [...]

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