Snowmobiling in Alaska is a one of a kind experience. The wide open spaces of untouched snow for you to throttle across, reaching from mountains to glaciers in just minutes. This snow sport can help you connect thousands of miles of trails all while taking in some epic Alaskan winter scenery.

Alaska has millions of acres of public land to explore and lots to see by snowmobile specifically. Whenever you head out to snowmobile it is important to check your gear, check your group, and establish a plan. Dressing for snowmobiling will vary depending on where you head to in Alaska.

The Gear

Snowmobiling does require specialized outer wear and can vary based on the outdoor exposure expected. For example, you would have a lighter, more water resistant shell if you sledded around the coastal areas. On the other hand, if you were to head into the arctic tundra you would need a heavier, warmer insulating shell.

Guided Tours

If you head out on a guided tour, they often supply the outer shells and safety gear necessary to get going. If you are new to snowmobiling taking a guided tour is a great way to get exposure and have some support to be more fully involved for learning. Besides the outer shell, you are also going to want to make sure you have very warm, water resistant boots. And, synthetic layers that wick away sweat and dry quick that you can easily add to or take off.

Heading out on a sled can take you quickly to the wilderness of Alaska and to monumental features. A popular place for groups to head out in Alaska for personal recreation are the Chugach Mountains recreation trails. Additionally, Hatcher Pass is a mecca for snowmobilers to visit and have a blast bounding through acres of untouched powder.

Looking for some local insight and a unique experience? You can create a snowmobile trip that takes you along a trip, stopping at a variety of snowmobile lodges and accommodations. Many of these snowmobile friendly lodges come with tours and unique experience options. Like Sheep Mountain Lodge, that offers historic lodging and partners with MICA Guides to offer glacier tours by snowmobile.

Powder Hounds

If you are heading to National Park, like Denali, it can be of huge benefit to take a snowmobile tour. Make the most of your time and the space you can cover. Plus the folks who lead guided tours have a lot of insider information that they want to share with you that you would otherwise miss out on. Snowmobiling can be a great individual or group activity. And the stops between locations can be great for getting in some photography shots.

No matter where or who you go with it is important to note that snowmobiles are one of the top causes of avalanche triggers. So check out Alaska’s Avalanche Information Center and educate yourself on how to assess for hazards and safety precautions. This is part of an outdoor recreationist’s responsibility. Snowmobiling involves heavy machinery, logistics, and some operating skills. Having an emergency kit and emergency plan in place is essential to success with snowmobiling.

There are many ways to cultivate an Alaska snowmobiling experience that is specialized to your interests. Take a private guided family tour, make a forest cabin reservation and head out with your buddies, or stay in a lodge and head out each day on the established trails. This snow sport experience is up to you!