Alaskan Rail Systems

The Alaska Railroad Trains had been around for almost a century by the time Alaska got its first railroad in 1903. The Alaskan wilderness has never been easy to navigate, so the founding of the Alaska Railroad helped to connect various parts of Alaska and has grown into a great recreational and commercial transportation option. The history of the Alaska Railroad was full of interesting obstacles. History The [...]

The Iditarod

A History of the Iditarod The Genesis The Iditarod is often known as the last great race on earth, and for good reason. Historically, dog sleds were used to deliver mail, groceries, gold, furs and medicine. It wasn't until the winter of 1925, when there was a diphtheria outbreak in Nome AK, that the long distance relay was popular. During the diphtheria outbreak the closest antitoxin serum needed was 1,000 miles [...]


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