Ski Alaska

Alaska can be a winter wonderland for outdoor recreation. One way to explore these snowy landscapes is by skiing. Maybe skiing has been a long time passion or you’re just getting your boots on for the first time. Ski Alaska and enjoy a sprawling selection of skiing activities to enjoy outside this winter.

Gear and Recreation

Coming to Alaska often means taking a plane, boat, or a long road trip. And let’s face it, skiing comes with a decent amount of gear. Sometimes considering renting or shipping your gear is a great way to eliminate some of the hassle. Some companiesΒ  even specialize in low cost shipping. This lets you take more time to plan your adventure and less time clambering over extra bags.

Anchorage is often a landing point for many visitors and has a handful of outfitters that provides rentals for a variety of styles, including alpine and nordic skiing. Some ski companies even offer demo services to try new and upcoming gear. If you can, contacting an outfitter and reserving your gear before you arrive is highly recommended.


For the enthusiast wanting to experience a full multi-day ski vacation, booking lodging is essential during these cold months. Many locally owned lodges, such as Sheep Mountain Lodge, offer trail systems right outside your private rustic wood cabin and all the comforts to meet you after a long day of laps.

Other areas may have near-by accommodations that put you in shorter distances from pristine fields of powder. Resorts like Alyeska in Girdwood, provide on-site lodging and hotel accommodations to put you right at the base of the lifts to indulge in some groomed runs and après hour drinks.

ski touring Alaska

A skier enjoys the short daylight hours and crisp air on a backcountry ski tour

Lessons, Guides, and DIY

When heading into unknown territory it is a great idea to get to know a lay of the land with the help of local guides, outfitters, or maybe even a lesson. Guides services such as Majestic helicopter tours can take you into awe-inspiringΒ  snow pack while navigating the extreme hazards that come with helicopter travel and dropping into untouched snow. Other outfitters offer nordic and alpine tours while providing the option to spruce up your skills and assess find what you enjoy most as you adventure through Alaska.

As for taking things into your own hands, it is always important to ask yourself a few very important questions; Do you know how to spot avalanche signs? Do you know your skill level in relativity to terrain and environment? Have you assessed the hazards? If you are not confident to answer these questions it is best to stay in bounds at a resort (snow risk is mitigated) or find a professional guiding company.

Skiing the Last Frontier

Catch the brilliance of sunrises and sunsets through crystallized trees, all while you navigate the peace and quiet of freshly fallen snow when you ski Alaska. Take to remote areas or find yourself enjoying the more frequented slope alongside Alaska’s coastal areas. The daylight maybe short but the long nights make for excellent night skiing under the Northern Lights.

Everyone has something different in mind when it comes to skiing. Whichever variation, any ski day ends better with delicious food and cozy fires inside a lodge. Come explore the break of a crisp crust and the flow of a powder turn along the coast, in the mountains, or far off into your dream of skiing Alaska.