Explore the Matanuska by Snowmobile

Get fresh tracks on the snow and throttle your way to the Matanuska Glacier. You’ll have professional guides to help you from start to finish. No need to worry if this is your first time snowmobiling or your 1000th. This trip is for a wide variety of people.

Wintertime Splendor

snowmobiles on Matanuska overcast day

These folks pull off to check out giant walls of ice on the Matanuska Glacier

On this trip you’ll get to revel in the splendor of Alaska’s winter time scenery and gain some local knowledge on the area. Your team of professionals will steer you over the pristine snow and right to the glacier. From here you’ll get to explore awe-inspiring ice features and taking in the deep blue hues in the ice.

Capture memories that will last a life time and bask in the natural art of a glacier in the winter time. From the wilderness to the glacier and back, there is so much to see and explore by snow mobile. Enjoy a view of Alaska that not many get to see.

Brisk Adventures

Alaska is quite brisk so be sure to bring your warmest layers. At the same time, these cold days lead to many clear afternoons that are perfect for capturing beautiful pictures. After exploring, warm drinks will be waiting for you to cozy up with and share your stories around.

If you can bundle up and are looking for a bit more adventure there is the option to book a full day tour as well. Click here with any questions, concerns, and to learn more! Your Alaska Adventure  awaits.


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