Alaskan Craft Brews

Alaska is a hidden gem for craft breweries in the US. Unknown to some, ‘The Last Frontier” is home to a number of small specialized microbreweries as well as some larger craft brewing companies that export their beer to the lower 48. This article will serve as a guide to travelers and locals alike. Find out where to go to get the most authentic taste of what Alaska has to offer. 


A Hallmark of Craft Breweries

Alaskan Brewing, Juneau, AK Est. 1986

This is the first independent brewery in Alaska since prohibition was lifted. Additionally, Alaskan Brewing Company was started by a young married couple who used turn of the century recipes from old articles they had found. This helped to develop their famous Alaskan Amber. Further, becoming one of the innovators of Alaska’s craft breweries.

Drawing from Juneau’s gold mining history and unique geological features, their website boasts of how all their beer is brewed with nearby glacial meltwater. Subsequently, some of their barley wine is even aged in casks placed in the old mining tunnels. Since their first batch went out locally in 1986, Alaskan Brewing has grown into a flourishing business. Now, they export beer to 25 other states so as to showcase a variety of unique products. 

In addition, visitors to Juneau can check out the Alaskan Brewing depot for branded clothing and gifts. Alaskan Brewing has become somewhat of a household name in the state, especially in Juneau. Be sure to head to their legendary tasting room and check out some of their special products. There are around 20 Alaskan beers on tap daily. 

Tasting Room Address:

5364 Commercial Blvd.

Juneau, AK 99801

Closed Sunday & Monday


A Gem in the Crown

Arkose Brewery, Palmer AK

Palmer’s first brewery, Arkose is named for a peak located in the nearby Talkeetna mountains.  According to their website, co-founder and head brewer Stephen Gerteisen is a graduate of the U.C. Davis Master Brewers program and has a BA in biology. Simultaneously, his brewing style at Arkose is just as much a science as it is an art. Arkose is keeping the other craft breweries on their toes with their creativity.

Visitors to their taproom in downtown Palmer can try a variety of beers, including the CITY Nitro Cream ale, Mandarina Moose Grapefruit IPA, and the Steed Rye IPA. It is evident, the brewers at Arkose like to blur the boundaries with what traditional ingredients go in different types of beers. You can visit their taproom any day of the week. And, if you’re into their creative side of things, you can watch out for small batch Thursdays. You might have a chance to snag a limited release of something special. There is also the option to fill growlers or kegs for later. 

Taproom Address:

650 E. Steel Loop

Palmer, Alaska 99645

(907) 746-2337

An Added Touch

Anchorage Brewing Co. Anchorage, AK

Nationally acclaimed and awarded countless times for their unparalleled products, Anchorage brewing has done decidedly well in the short time it’s been running. One reason could be their virtual presence. They offer a virtual tour of their taproom on their website. Visitors can still pick up some of their finest beers to go. These crafts sport some the most creative names and can designs you can find.

Anchorage Brewing offers some of the best beers that ship all around the world. In addition, visitors to their taproom can eat at Familia, the Asian Fusion restaurant located in Anchorage Brewing. They offer Hawaiian inspired dishes like crispy pork belly. This place is a must visit for the adventurous food and beer lover.

Physical Location:

148 W. 91st Ave. 

Anchorage, AK 99515


Author: Mel Geisler