Regions of Alaska

Explore the Regions of Alaska.  Southcentral Valley, containing Anchorage, holds most of the citizens of Alaska.  Look North, and you’ll see Denali on the Interior.  To the Southwest Alaska, where island chains stretch through the Pacific, and in Southeast where Juneau ships Alaskan Commerce  For the most bold adventurers and tribes, the Far North is a beautiful but harsh tundra.

Southcentral Alaska

southcentral Alaska valleys

In Southcentral Alaska, you will find most of the people living in this Sub-Arctic playground.  Included in Southcentral Alaska is Anchorage, Palmer, Glacier View, and more.

Southeast Alaska

coastal Alaska cities

Much of Southeast Alaska is on an archipelago, a series of islands jutting out into the Pacific Ocean.  Juneau is the major outpost for this region.


Interior Alaska Northern Lights

Interior Alaska is home to much of the Yukon and Denali.  Fairbanks would be considered the major city in the interior.

Southwest Alaska

Containing over 1000 miles of islands, Southwest Alaska kicks out into the Pacific Ocean and encompasses the Aleutian Islands.  Bethel is one of the largest cities in this region.

Far North

In the tundra of the Far North, challenges are countered by the immeasurable beauty.  Filled with Caribou and vast forests, the Far North is a challenging terrain, with few roads and expansive lands.