Gold Panning and ATV Tour

Connect with Alaska’s history, surroundings, and have an adventure, all on the same trip. Gold panning in Alaska could be the hallmark hands-on Alaskan experience you have been looking for. This trip is full of adventure and beauty for a variety of ages and abilities.

Starting with Adrenaline

ATV and gold panning tour

A group rides ATV’s to the gold panning site

This trip doesn’t require any prior experience and you will have professional guides along with you the whole time. This scenic and informative tour starts in the Matanuska Valley. Your guides will help you gear up and give you the basics of how to operate your own personal ATV. If you like to be a passenger rather than the driver there is always the option of riding in a UTV too.

The ride into the valley showcases Alaska’s breath taking scenery and gets you closer to spotting wildlife too. Your guide will lead you across expansive terrain while you play along. Pull off for epic photo opportunities and eventually you’ll find your way to a creek bed.

Finding Gold

The creek bed is where you can practice striking gold, or rather sifting it. Work in small teams or individually as you take in the gentle ambiance of moving water and gentle breezes through the willow. Your guide will walk you through the steps to help you find and collect those shiny flakes of gold. From buckets to sifting trays, you will be apart of every step of the process.

Enjoy this exclusive adventure up Balinger Pass, home of the last great gold rush in Alaska (1907). From the top of the pass you’ll be able to take in breath taking mountain views. Then ride down to an actual gold claim where we’ll show you how to use a sluice box and then spend some time finding gold. We guarantee you will find at least a little gold in the creek!

3 Hour Duration • Must be 16+ to drive

This trip includes:

  • Professional guides
  • Helmets, gloves, and goggles
  • Interpretive information
  • Instruction on gold panning techniques and skills
  • Your very own Alaskan gold!

This activity can be very relaxing as well as engaging, as your guide will have lots of information to share about the area, history, and practice of finding gold. Additionally, they can answer any questions you may have. By the end of your trip you might be a little muddy and tired but by the end you will have your very own tube of hard earned gold. A modern day gold rush!

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

Alaska ATV Gold Panning

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