Hiking in Hatcher Pass

hiking in Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass is known for it’s excellent displays of wildflowers and panoramic mountain views.

Alaska is by far one of the most stunning places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, from the endless mountain ranges to the winding rivers and unexplored wilderness. Alaska holds a variety of gems, each uniquely beautiful, but one that truly caught my eye is Hatcher Pass. Hatcher Pass is a wonderfully mystical valley located 30 minutes North of Palmer and only about an hour from Anchorage. Nestled within the valley you can find an assortment of day hikes geared towards all levels. One hike I did recently, which completely blew me away, was the Lane Hut Hike.


The Lane Hut Trail is located at the tail end of Archangel Road. The road accessing it is quite rough and rocky. Furthermore, it is important to take a vehicle with high clearance. The trailhead can be found at the end of the road, past a gate. The first hairpin turn to the right will be the trail, which opens up into the ascending valley climb. Total elevation gain is around 1,100 feet and 4 miles around trip.

Lane Hut is a picturesque hike with a variety of sites in store! As we made our ascent through the valley we followed many winding streams along the trail with various crystal clear alpine lakes along on the way(A great way to cool off on a hot day). We passed a few waterfalls, as well as enjoyed the company of many curious marmots. The panoramic views of the mountains are definitely the main attraction of the hike!

Alaska landscape

During the summer months this trail winds around lush greenery and wandering wildlife.

Trail Conditions

In regards to the conditions of the trail, it was well maintained and easy to find via the Archangel Road. We did the hike on a hot, sunny day in early July with little to no overcast. Dipping our feet into the brisk spring fed streams so as to cool down was a refreshing stop in the hike. The hut itself, the namesake of the trail, seems to be no more. There is also the possibility we might have bypassed it. However, we did find remnants of what could have been the old hut.

Overall, Lane Hut is a gorgeous hike for many to enjoy. Additionally, keep in mind the conditions of the road when traveling there, but with the proper vehicle it’s easy to locate. The scenery in the valley is a sight to behold along with all of its hidden treasures. The trail itself is in good condition and makes for a great summer hike!

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