Boating Options in Prince William Sound

The Prince William Sound is a coastal rain forest located in the Southwest region of Alaska. This area is only a couple hours from Anchorage and easily accessible from the city of Whittier. The views are stunning. Tidal glaciers and snow-peaked mountains lay in the background of any water based adventure you choose out here. Easy access leaves way for a variety of choices in how you explore this vibrant ecosystem. Depending on how you travel, you can boost your chances for wildlife spotting, or access areas that are rarely explored. Navigate these boating options in the Prince William Sound and find the excursion that works for you.

Sea Kayaking

sea kayaking Alaska

This group enjoys sea kayaking by the cliffs along Blackstone Bay.

If you are looking to connect mind and body with the elements of the coast sea kayaking is an excellent choice. Many outfitters have rental options to get you the gear you need to investigate the nooks and crannies of this ocean side. You can cruise the sound in your own personal sea kayak or buddy up in a more stable double kayak. If hauling your own personal gear into Alaska does not fit into your plan, the local outfitters, like the Sound Paddlers, are a great resource. They offer the necessary gear and a wealth of knowledge to get you out into their seascape backyard from their centralized boathouse in Whittier.

Sea kayaking is a more immersive and intimate experience with the water and your surroundings. You power your own boat through paddling, helping to build skills and technique. This is a more peaceful and quite route to exploration and gives more opportunities to encounter wildlife up close. Maneuver into beaches and coves that are otherwise inaccessible by larger vessels. Taking a guided multi-day tour is an excellent way to experience these bays and a variety of settings in beach-side camps.

Jet Ski

This is a need for speed tour that is sure to throttle you across the sound in a short amount of time and give the chance to see many sights. This experience is by tour only from the city of Whittier. You will be suited in appropriate gear and given safety gear as well. From the high speeds to the expansive amount of area you can cover in an afternoon, this is a thrill seeking adventure with excellent views. This tour is limited to only an afternoon in the sound and great for a half day excursion.

person on boat in Alaska

Water taxis have room for your crew and your gear to help you save energy for your adventure.

Water Taxi and Charter Services

Use this service to take a day tour from the warmth and comfort of a charter boat cabin in the rainy sound. When the weather is a little bit too harsh for the smaller vessels this option creates a comfortable space to cut through the waves and journey across the water.

Maybe you are looking to make the most out of your kayaking trip and cover more area. You can use a water taxi service to take you and your kayaks out further for exploration and arrange a pick-up as well. This ensures quick arrivals and departures. Their boats can even dock on beaches for easy pick-ups.

Many water taxi service providers, like Lazy Otter Charters, provide knowledge of the sound as well as a helping hand with your gear to load and unload. If taking a day tour in this more private setting, you have the chance to explore the captains favorite hidden gems of the sound. Additionally, you have the choice to set up a private tour or include yourself in a group transport.

Glacier Cruises

This event comes with a larger crowd but a smaller dollar sign. The cruises load up at port and take you in close to glacier sightings. Take in the coastal views from the closed cabin levels and on nicer days enjoy the views from the outside railings and top levels. Many of these cruises offer full-day or half-day options and a variety of glacier tour choices.

Some of the companies provide complimentary beverages and even a no seasickness guarantee. These tours get you close to glaciers quickly and provide a chance for wildlife sightings as well. You get to see more but with the caveat of less control over your personal experience and interaction with each area.

Rent Your Own

There are a couple companies that provide small cruiser boats for rental. You can rent anywhere from a half-day to a week, and by reservation only. Many of these boats come with the comforts of cabins with dinettes and sinks. These boats are loaded with USCG certified safety equipment and GPS. Some companies offer rentals for fishing and catching gear as well. Many of these boats have to anchor off shore due to the boats draft.

Companies highly recommend both rental and travel insurance when booking. Boaters are required to have an operator who has prior boating experience or boating education. It is best to give your company of choice a call for clarification on these perimeters.

A sea worthy and competent captain is a must for this changing and challenging environment. This choice gives you freedom and privacy but also with the caution of a higher degree of responsibility. This is an explore by skillset adventure.