Matanuska Glacier Zipline

Glacier View is a great spot to head and overlook the stunning Matanuska Glacier. If you’re looking for a fun activity to add to your day, you should try the Matanuska Glacier Zipline!

There are two incredible ziplines located here, the Nitro and the G2. These are not your average ziplines through the canopies. The Nitro begins with a short hike to the top of a hill where you’ll find the tower you’ll be taking off from. Climb the 3 stories to the top and take in the gorgeous views of the mountain and river surrounding you.

platform stairs trees fence people with helmets

A group starts their ascent to the Nitro zipline platform with their guide

Taking a Leap of Faith

At this point, there is only one place to go. Standing on the edge, 150 feet above the river, strapped in, and ready to take a leap of faith. Your palms sweaty, heart racing, you’ll step off the ledge and soar like never before on the Matanuska Glacier zipline.

The Nitro line is 1,500 feet (over a quarter mile) and you’ll reach speeds of 30-40 miles per hour. You can bring the kids, but they must be at least 7 years old and weigh 60lbs. All riders must weigh under 235lbs and their hips/waist must be under 46 inches.

The G2 is the fastest zipline in Alaska. You’ll be driven to the top of the cliff, more than 250 feet above the river. There are two ziplines at this platform so that you and a friend can race one another! The line is 2,200 feet long and you’ll reach speeds from 45-60 miles per hour. The fastest recorded speed was 63mph! The kids must also be at least 7 and weigh 60lbs, but this line can handle a little more weight. The max is 285lbs.

The full Extreme Zip Adventure includes both, so get out there and have fun on your Matanuska glacier zipline adventure.