Moderate Alaska Hiking

It’s no secret that Alaska has trails everywhere. Before hiking, the first thing to consider should be the trail’s difficulty level. If you are looking for something challenging but not extremely difficult, a moderate Alaska hiking trail is the choice for you.

Alaska Day Hiking

The road to Palmer crosses the glacially fed Knik River

Palmer is a fantastic area to find the perfect trail for you. It’s not far from Anchorage, and it’s on the way to the infamous Matanuska glacier. One of the only glaciers you’re able to access by foot.

Following an old railroad bed is the Palmer-Moose Creek RR Trail. This is a 6.1 mile trail that boasts views of the Matanuska River and Chugach Mountain Range. This first mile of this trail is fairly easy. After that, the difficulty increases as you’ll have to cross some previous rockslides.
You could also explore the Chickaloon-Knik-Nelchina Trail system. This network of trails has plenty of options. There’s the Castle Mountain Trail, that climbs onto a cliff overlooking Kings River. The Purinton (Puritan) Creek Trail, a staggering 24.3 miles (out and back) where you’ll cross Boulder Creek. This trail almost always has a strong presence of moose and Dall sheep on the mountain side. So, it’s a great option for the animal lovers.

Trailheads to moderate hikes

A view from the trail of Lazy Mountain

In this area, you could also consider heading to the summit of Lazy Mountain. This mountain offers 2 trail options. The Lazy Moose Trail, which is the more leisurely choice. Or, you could use the Lazy Mountain Trail which takes a more direct approach, proving to be quite the workout. Once you’ve reached the summit at 3,762ft, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Talkeetna and Chugach Mountains, and the mouth of the Knick River.

Moderate Alaska hiking trails are the perfect way to actually enjoy your exercise. So, get out there and explore!