A web search for “Alaska tours” will turn up thousands of options to consider. Narrow it down with “Alaska adventure tours” if that’s what you’re looking for. You’ll still have dozens of companies to choose from.

Every summer in Alaska there are dozens of operators running tours. Huge buses taking groups of tourists from the cruise ships to Denali. Vans packed with students and a roof rack full of backpacks. Small companies with the personal touch. Take the time to find a company that suits your personal taste and you’ll more likely be spending your vacation with others with common interests.

If the first page of a company website appeals to you then think about the following:


What destinations and activities are included in the trip? How challenging, exciting or interesting is the itinerary to you? How much time is spent “on the road” and looking; as opposed to out in the wild and doing.

Other guests

What is the maximum group size? This could range from 6 to 14 for van trips and even more if you get on a bus. What is the guide to client ratio? Who are the other guests (students, professionals, how old, how fit)? Are children included? They can be great but do you want to spend your holiday with someone else’s kids?


A week-long fully-guided trip can range from $1200 – $3000 depending on the size of the group and what’s included. Look carefully at what is not included…”optional” meals and activities can significantly add to the total cost of your Alaska holiday.

Food & accommodation

Where will you be staying? Camping, chain hotels, local B&B’s? Are all meals and snacks included? What kind of food and who prepares it; the guides or the guests? Meals out and nights in hotels will greatly increase the cost of the trip.

Company experience

How long has the company been in business? What is the experience of the owners? What are the requirements for their guides; are they Outdoor Professionals or really just drivers? Do they know Alaska or are they based “Outside” and just here for a couple of months?

Ask questions!

On the Adventures drop down menu you will find different Alaskan owned and operated companies that have great tours!