Welcome to the Alaska Adventure Center

Your first step in planning your Alaska Adventure Travel.

This site is designed for active people looking for resource to help plan an Alaska adventure vacation. You do not have to be an extreme sports junkie or a world class athlete; but if you don’t like the idea of sitting on a tour bus day after day then you are in the right place!

We’ll give you ideas but, realistically, you might need to narrow down your choices or move north. There’s just far too much to do in a week!

Here are just a few of the cool options:

 Sea-kayaking in the Prince William Sound
 Ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier
Trekking in high and wild alpine areas
Observing wildlife in a National Park
Taking a flight-seeing tour of Denali


To start, it will help to narrow down where you want to go or what you want to do. You can plan it all yourself or get a pro to help you. Getting some professional, local help is highly recommended if you have limited time for your trip.

Remember, to really experience Alaska you need to get away from the roads and the tourists. Get out there and have an adventure!