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Welcome to the Alaska Adventure Center. Your first step in planning your Alaska Adventure Travel.

This site can help you:

  • Go sea-kayaking in Prince William Sound
  • Learn to ice climb on a glacier (or just hike around on the blue ice)
  • Trek in high and wild alpine areas
  • Look for wildlife in a National Park
  • Take a flight-seeing tour of Denali

Looking for an Alaska Tour? Our links can help you book a trip, plan a holiday for your family, climb Denali, film a movie or organize your own expedition.

This site is designed for active people looking for an active Alaska adventure vacation. You don't have to be an extreme sports junkie or a world class athlete; but if you like the idea of sitting on a big bus day after day then you might want to look elsewhere to plan that sort of tour.

We'll give you a lot of ideas but, realistically, you might need to narrow down your choices or move north. There's just far too much to do in a week!

You might start by either deciding where you want to go or what you want to do. You can plan it all yourself or get a pro to help you. Getting some professional, local help is highly recommended if you have limited time for your trip.

Remember, to really experience Alaska you need to get away from the roads and the tourists. Get out there and have an adventure!

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Alaska Kayaking


Adventure Holidays




Where do you want to go? Alaska is huge, almost as big as the "lower 48", bigger than the next three largest states combined, and more than twice the size of Texas!

You may have a hard time deciding where to go and what to do. One big piece of advice is...don't try to go everywhere in a week! You probably have enough time sitting in a car back home, why do it on your vacation? Many of the "top sites" can be hundreds of miles apart; and we don't have superhighways up here.

If you try to see everything between Homer and Denali in a week, you'll come home with lots of photos through the windshield and having spent a lot of time sitting. Plan to really get out and enjoy some of what Alaska has to offer.

Fun and Exciting Alaskan Adventures

  • Spend a day learning to ice climb.
  • Go sea kayaking in Prince William Sound.
  • Learn to climb mountains.
  • Take a bush plane flight to the middle of nowhere!

Best Places to Look for Wildlife

  • Day Cruise out of Seward for whales, puffins, otters.
  • Ride the bus in Denali Nat'l Park for caribou, bear, moose.
  • Fly in to several locations around Cook Inlet to look for grizzlies fishing for salmon.